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Rider's Guide


"I was born on the prairie where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no inclosures and where everything drew a free breath. I want to die there and not within walls." 

-- Ten Bears (Comanche Chief)


- Can I do this race?

YES!....If you prepare.  Often, it is more about the mind than the body.  Will you get tired? Yes.  Will you get sore? Yes.  Will you get hungry, thirsty, achy, sweaty, uncomfortable?  Most likely.  Ultra-endurance races test our mental fortitude as well as our physical strength.  If this will be your first time over 50 miles, you should re-think your training plan.  This race is in a very remote area. You should be self-sufficient, knowing how to work on your bike and change flats.  There may not be cell service. The OR100k will travel from Pratt to Sun City and back with less hills. 


- What is the minimum age to race?

Riders must be 14 years old by race date.  All riders under the age of 18 must have parental consent. All riders ages 14 and 15 must have a parent or guardian signed up for the race. High School aged riders may ride the 100k course without a parent or guardian riding.  

- What bikes are recommended?

We recommend a bike with tires 38mm and wider.   You can also finish on a standard mountain bike.  A cyclo-cross or gravel bike will likely provide the most comfortable ride.  Many of the roads in the High Plains section of the course (Pratt to Coats area) are fairly flat and sand-packed.  Racers should expect "soft" shoulders. The roads in the Gyp Hills section are mostly red dirt with some sand and gravel.  

- What are the classes?

The OR200k will have: Men's and Women's Open, Men's Masters 50+, Women's Masters 50+, Single Speed, Fatbike, Military/1st Responder, and Tandem (must be traditional 2-wheeled tandem bike). 

The OR100k is a non-competitive race and will not have any classes except for the Junior category.  ​

- What do I get for the race fee?

The OR200k race fee includes professional electronic timing, a t-shirt, a commemorative 16 oz race glass, and a finisher award.  Prizes for top places.   

- Where the heck is Pratt?

Pratt, Kansas, home of the Miss Kansas Pageant, the Hot and Cold water towers, and the infamous "Pizza Taco" is located a little over an hour west of Wichita on a mostly 4 lane highway.  Pratt, Kansas is within a 4 hour drive of Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa.  It is an easy one day drive from Denver, Dallas, Omaha, St. Louis, and Little Rock. 


- What else is there to do in Pratt?

Pratt is the largest city between Wichita and Dodge City on US 54 Highway.  Pratt is a central hub to many of the smaller towns in the south central region of the state. Pratt has many beautiful parks and museums.  It is home to the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Headquarters, Pratt Community College, and Pratt Regional Medical Center.


- What else is there for support crews during the race?

If you are racing in the OR200k, the first support area will be Sun City.  Sun City is a 45 minute drive south of Pratt.  The second checkpoint is in Medicine Lodge.  Medicine Lodge was home to Carry Nation (the ax-wielding prohibitionist). In addition, Medicine Lodge was the location of one of the largest Native American Peace Treaties (1867).  Lemon Park (Start/Finish Line) is a beautiful park with playgrounds and walking trails.  We will have live music to entertain riders and support crews at the Finish Line in Pratt. 

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