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2024 Open Range Route 



Welcome to the Gyp Hills!

Open Range 200k  is an ultra endurance cycle race through South Central Kansas.  

This race takes place in the rugged and remote Gyp Hills of Southern Kansas.  Named after the layers of gypsum that form the hills, the Gyp Hills (or Red Hills) are located in one of the most isolated regions in the state.  For part of this course, you will follow the Medicine Lodge River and it’s tributaries. The Medicine River was so named by the Native Americans who found renewal in the river due to the large concentration of Epsom salts.


The 200k course will be approximately 126-130 miles.  The 100k course will be approximately 63-70 miles.  The course is mostly sand packed, gravel, dirt, pavement, and brick roads.  There is absolutely no trespassing on the private property ranch sections prior to race day.  Only cyclists in the race are allowed on the private property sections and only during the course of the race.

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