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8 tips to stay motivated cycling this winter

The days are finally growing longer...barely, but the temperatures are dropping. You may now find yourself transitioning into the off-season. While it might be tempting to hang up the bike and hibernate until warmer days return, the off-season presents a golden opportunity to set and achieve motivating cycling goals. Below are ways to stay motivated during the off-season and set meaningful goals that will keep you pedaling towards progress in the New Year.

Tip 1: Reflect on the Past Season:

Before diving into new goals, take a moment to reflect on the past cycling season. Celebrate your achievements, acknowledge areas of improvement, and identify any challenges you faced. This reflection will provide valuable insights that can inform your off-season goals. I like to use Garmin Connect and Strava to monitor and track my progress through the year.

Tip 2: Set SMART Goals:

When setting off-season cycling goals, it's essential to make them SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Instead of vague aspirations like "ride more," consider specific objectives such as "complete a weekly interval training session" or "increase average speed by 2 mph over the next three months." Also, I like to say, "Small Changes Executed Consistently, Net Impactful Results". That's to say, Small and Consistent beats Big and Infrequent.

Tip 3: Focus on Skills and Technique:

The off-season is an excellent time to work on refining your cycling skills and technique. Consider incorporating drills to improve your bike handling, practice cornering, or dedicate time to mastering efficient pedaling techniques. I find this is the time to hit the trails on my mountain bike to work on those bike handling skills.

Tip 4: Cross-Training for Balance:

While cycling is your primary focus, incorporating cross-training activities can benefit your overall fitness and prevent burnout. Activities like strength training, yoga, or swimming can target different muscle groups, improve flexibility, and contribute to a well-rounded fitness base that will enhance your cycling performance. YouTube is a great resource for stretching and yoga sessions.

Tip 5: Explore New Routes:

Break the monotony of your regular cycling routes by exploring new terrains. Whether it's scenic trails, challenging hills, or a different cycling discipline altogether (such as mountain biking or gravel riding), discovering new routes can reignite your passion for cycling and keep things interesting during the "off-season".

Tip 6: Join a Winter Cycling Challenge:

Strava, Zwift, and other sites have winter challenges to keep cyclists engaged during the colder months. These challenges often involve logging a certain number of miles or completing specific rides. Joining a Challenge can provide a sense of community, accountability, and a fun way to track your progress.

Tip 7: Invest in Indoor Training:

If the weather becomes too harsh, consider investing in indoor training equipment such as a stationary bike or a smart trainer. Platforms like Zwift or TrainerRoad offer a virtual cycling experience, complete with structured training programs and competitive events, making indoor training both effective and entertaining.

Tip 8: Prioritize Rest and Recovery:

The off-season is also a time for your body to recover from the demands of the past season. Adequate rest and recovery are crucial for preventing burnout and injuries. Incorporate rest days into your routine, prioritize sleep, and consider activities like foam rolling or yoga to enhance recovery.

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